How to be a PRO in online Apparel shopping?

Hellooooo!!!! people 🙂

We all love shopping, let’s be honest it is the best stress reliever in the world. Nowadays, the endless online shopping possibilities have made it even more easy for us to take out the entire stress of the day in just one click. Yeaahhh!! I am taking about RETAIL THERAPY. Though sometimes the online shopping thing is really frustrating, especially when we order a pretty dress but it turns out to be a potato sack.

Yes!!!! I can feel your pain, as we all  have been victims of online shopping disasters at some point in our life.

So, here I am with some simple guidelines that will make you a pro in online apparel shopping.

1. Shop from reliable sites

The first and foremost rule of online shopping is to buy from well known and reliable sites. A brief scan of online customer reviews could be of great help or you can  always ask your friends and acquaintances. All good sites have excellent customer care service plus hassle free refund and return policy thus easily solving all your purchase and return related issues.

2. Know your body shape

We all have different body shapes and that is why the same dress that looks good on others might not look good on you. So figure out your shape and your personal style. Do not just buy anything that looks ravishing on the online model. Measure your self up and according to your stats google your body shape, then look for the styles that suit and flatter your body. This will reduce 90% of your shopping disasters.

3. Know your size

Always check the sizing details that are given with each dress, as some pieces vary according to their cut, fit and flare. Measure up yourself and know your size, which includes knowing your European and US size as well. In you still have any confusion, look up for the featured model measurements as many sites provide it in the description box. The size worn by the model will give you a better idea about the fit and fall of the dress.

4. Know the material

Most of us just look at the cut and style of the dress and completely lose sight of its material and quality, which is the most important thing to notice. Knowing the type of material used will save you from paying hefty amount for a low quality dress. You will find the type of material used in the product description or just zoom in the image of the material.

5. Check for return policy

Before buying anything just look for the site’s return and refund policy. Usually all the good sites give a maximum return period of 30 days after delivery but i would suggest return period between 7-30 days is quite satisfactory. Moreover now a days all the sites have started their return pickup and hassle free refund service. Isn’t that great???
6. Shop during weekends and holidays

Well! you can shop anyday you wish to but if it is not an emergency i would suggest you to wait for the weekends or during holidays because most of the sites give abounding discounts during this time, so its easy on pocket and heavy on style.

7. Always opt for COD (cash on delivery) while trying out a new site

Whenever you buy from a new site, make sure that you opt for Cash On Delivery option, if there is one. This will give you the idea about their delivery period and customer care service incase required. Moreover, if there is any delay or false promises made by the site you would not have much headache since your money is not stuck.

I hope this will help all the poor souls who have disasters while shopping online. Just follow these simple tricks and Voila!!!! you will become a PRO and smart shopper.

Happy Shopping ! 😁


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