Depression #4 – Journey Beyond

Frankly speaking, the dinner was not a magical alteration, where I took the cab, had the most amazing time and bid goodbye to depression. Although we went to my favorite place I was awfully quiet. I had very little food and did not wish to dance (in spite of being the kind of person who is the first to hit the dance floor) However, I took a baby step and did well. That day it became more certain if I continued on the same path I will be perfectly all right.

It’s been 2 years and I am doing fine, still meditating on a regular basis and keeping the journal alive. Not denying the fact that it is arduous, but all you have to remember is, YES! you need help because you cannot do this on your own. I knew about this condition because of my job, I knew the root of it and that is why I could alter my ways of treating it. But the first step of any management is to be aware of the issue and then seeking for help in any form.

Depression is the most common mental health issue and yet so scarcely talked about. The majority of the times people don’t know that they are suffering from depression and those who do are too scared to seek help, due to the social stigma attached to it.

So let us join hands and create awareness among people. LETS TALK ABOUT DEPRESSION.





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