SEX – Things You Wish You Knew Before

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk about some of the very basic sex myths and questions that people especially teenagers and young people have in mind and wish to ask their doctor, but instead, ask their friends or Google it. Being a doctor these are some of the queries that I frequently come across

  •  Can I get pregnant by making out?

No! you cannot, but only if you stick to the clear definition of making out. Unless there is no intercourse, that is penis enters the vagina and ejaculation take place inside the vagina, there are no chances of getting pregnant.

  •  What if I miss my period?

If you are sexually active then the first possibility is pregnancy which has to be ruled out. The other reasons could be due to some hormonal issues, even if your periods are irregular don’t just ignore them, go see a gynecologist to find out the main reason.

  •  Should I take an I-pill?

Yes if required, It’s an emergency contraceptive pill and not an alternative to regular methods of contraception. It has to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. You should only take 2-3 emergency contraceptive Pills in a year, as they tend to alter your cycles if taken frequently. Generally, people forget this difference and take it regularly, which be led to many side effects and now some states have banned it for the same reason.

  • What is the best method of contraception?

For young people, condoms hands down are the best as they prevent STD too. Since people in this age are exploring their body and social life, so having more than one sexual partner is very common. I would suggest, rather than opting for pills choose condoms and stay safe.

  • Should I tell my doctor that I am sexually active?

Yes! Very important,  there are many health issues that you acquire once you become sexually active. Also, many infections are due to having unprotected sex, like genital infections and herpes. If you visit your doctor for these reasons, 100% chances are that your doctor already knows about it, so you might as well admit to it and clarify all your doubts. There is nothing to be ashamed off, the times are changing and doctors are educated professionals, they have a degree in this so rather than judging they are there to help you in a professional way.

  •  Sex hurts?

Yes, it does and not just the first time you have sex. A lot of people complain about having pain and discomfort during or after sex, this is called Dyspareunia and it is a medical condition. There could be a lot of reasons for it, starting from anatomical, physiological, pathological and psychological. So don’t ignore it and see your doctor to find out the real cause.

  • Is Safe period actually safe?

NO, I have come across many cases of accidental pregnancies who relied on safe period method. Generally, a female menstrual cycle is 28 days but it can vary from person to person, some have shorter cycles and some longer. Menstruation is the first day of the Cycle and Ovulation takes place on the 14th day prior to menstruation. So, in a 28-day cycle it happens on the 14th day but someone who has a 30-day cycle, it will happen on the 16th day, I know, it is difficult and confusing to calculate it on your own. Do not rely on the safe period completely and opt for other methods of contraception.

I hope this clarified many of the basic myths and questions. If there is anything more that you wish to know, comment below and I would love to answer all your queries.


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