​On the Wrong side of 25 (2 min read)

Last week I was in the middle of a skull session with a friend, who while spelling out his life quoted that we were on the wrong side of 25 (age). This line left a dent in my mind.

What does being on the wrong side of 25 means?

Is it not being married by 25? or not having a kid by 25 ? not having a career by 25? What exactly does it stand for?

They say age is just a number, since when did we start taking this number as a threshold for accessing our achievements in life. How come there is a right or wrong side of 25 or for that matter any age. So why all these banging the drum about living and loving your life the way you want.

Practically no one’s life is in timely concurrence with their desires as there are few dreams and ultimate destinations that take a little longer to reach. I graduated at the age of 24, didn’t opt for post graduation right away and marriage was way ahead in the future. Since then it’s been 4 years, I have a decent job and a content life. The 24-year-old me was unaware that not having a husband in your arms after 25 is considered being on the wrong side of it.

However, if this is the root cause of every issue in my life, then what about people who have a post graduation with add-on depression and anxiety. People who have a secure job, yet yearning for a fuller life, and those who are happily married plus children, still struggling with their career. They were not on the wrong side of age, as they did meet all the standards set for the category.

I could not help but wonder, what is the cardinal thing that is missing?

As SADHGURU  says “you don’t have to get ready for this life, you have to get ready for the Universe”. The answer is, it is not about the age- It’s the feeling of satisfaction and downright peace. Realizing that maybe you don’t have it all, but what you do have is purely yours. A good career, a good marriage or a good kid, it solely yours. Don’t look around to check if someone has more than you on their plate as the human mind is too fickle to settle. Take a break and reflect on your accomplishments and shortcomings. I am sure the bag of achievements will always weigh more if seen with a positive focus.



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