Wedding or Marriage?​

Since the day we are born, parents start planning our marriage. Starting from the type of partner or family, to the kind of functions and the wedding gifts, everything sets as a blueprint in their mind. This is the reason why our whole adult life progresses in one direction – The Wedding Day.

And when this day arrives it has to be perfect with the most gorgeous dress, exquisite decor and marvelous gifts. A huge amount of life savings goes into making this one day exemplary and flawless.

But what about having a Perfect Marriage? What about the days and years to follow?

Will it be as perfect as the wedding day itself?

I am sure you must me thinking what is the difference between WEDDING and MARRIAGE? Both these terms are indistinguishable still, they are far apart in their gist.

The wedding day is not just about two people getting married, it is about their families, the reputation, the gleeful relatives, the extravagant gifts, societal norms, people pleasing and a lot of glittery bling.

Whereas marriage is the true picture forming the basis of a wedded relationship. The beginning of all those years that will teach you the true meaning of life and togetherness including lots of bumpy rides and dead ends.

I have witnessed such tremendous weddings turned to ashes in just a few years or even months. I could not help but wonder, what went wrong? The same people who were laughing their heart out at their perfect wedding went through a broken and bitter marriage. The truth is its nobodies fault, it’s the way we have been genetically programmed from day one. No one talks about compassion, love, trust, and respect, which are the core basis of making any marriage successful. All we are fed is the designer we should wear or the amount of jewelry or a perfect wedding destination. Materialistic things are given more importance over the real ones. Not that I am against a beautiful dream wedding but I believe that we are giving importance to frivolous things while neglecting the major ones. Once all these wedding needs are met, you are left with the confusion of how to make the marriage work?

A good wedding does not promise for a good marriage. It is not all twirl and fun, neither it’s about the families dancing and giggling, nor the euphoria of endless cocktails and functions.

By the end, it is about the two married people, who will have to make a life together while maintaining their own individuality and frankly you need a lot more than just wedding gifts and memories to make it work. So even if you can’t have or don’t opt for a magnificent wedding, remember it’s not any cardinal rule. Just breathe, reboot and make your marriage a glorious one, after all, All that glitters is not gold.

Don’t opt for a spectacular wedding, go for a spectacular marriage.


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