Fix your broken Makeup for Good.

Isn’t it frustrating when you drop your favorite makeup case or it breaks up for no reason while traveling, leaving you with the left over broken crumbs. Anyhow, don’t sweat over it because I am going to show you, how to manage this disaster? It can be done for any powder base makeup starting from compact, eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer, etc.

Follow these simple steps (with pictures) and make it work again 🙂

Things you need

  1. Broken makeup
  2. Cling film or a resealable bag
  3. Teaspoon or small hammer
  4. Rubbing alcohol or 70% surgical spirit
  5. Toothpick or  bread-knife
  6. Small thick makeup brush
  7. Few tissues or a small towel


  • Start with covering the broken makeup case with a cling wrap or place it in a resealable bag, as to prevent the powder crumbs from falling all over the place.



  • Take a teaspoon or a small hammer and grind all the broken pieces into fine a powder.




  • Now remove the cling film and add small amounts of rubbing alcohol to the powder. Depending upon the quantity of the powder continue adding more, until you obtain a paste-like consistency.




  • Mix the powder and rubbing alcohol gently with a clean sterilized bread knife or a toothpick to form an even paste with no clumps. I would suggest, not to use your fingers, as they might contaminate the makeup.




  • Use a clean and small, thick makeup brush to smoothen the surface of the paste, more so it helps in an efficient blending.



  • Again place a cling wrap over the paste and press gently to remove any entrapped air. Plus, it helps in smoothening the surface and adhering the product firmly to the base of the makeup case.



  • Dip a tissue or edge of a towel in rubbing alcohol and clean the edges of the makeup case to get a finished look.



  • Leave the product over night to dry up, which would eliminate the alcohol smell.



Extra tip –  if you have a sensitive skin, I would suggest using the rubbing alcohol in less quantity. It gets absorbed in the makeup and on application may cause irritation, redness or burning sensation.

This has been tried and tested personally and I can promise you that it works like magic. I hope this helps to restore and fix your broken makeup 🙂



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