10 Blogging tips for Beginners

Our journey of blogging has just begun and in this voyage, we faced many obstacles in understanding this entire concept. Now, since we have completed 2 months in this field and figured out solutions to some basic startup problems, we decided to help the other newbies like us. Here are a few tips that one needs to follow in the initial days of blogging, which would give them a head start in making their blog more successful.

1. Register yourself

The first and most important step of blogging is to register yourself with a blogging website. The two most renowned sites, WordPress.com and Blogger.com are undoubtedly the best. Both these sites provide easy aids to all the budding bloggers and are user-friendly to work with.

2. Know your areas of interest

“Ohh! but I have many interests I just cannot think of any single one”. Alright! don’t panic. It’s even better to have multiple areas of interest, as it leads you to discover yourself and your style of writing. I suggest choosing as many as different topics that interest you, because then only you will be able to know you right genre.

3. My area of concern

Your area of concern, in the beginning, should only be the content you write. So, work on your style of writing and trust me you will only improve with time. Time is what you need to invest initially and have a reasonable amount of posts before upgrading the blog plan or going public with it.

4. Picture Perfect

It is very important to display some pictures with each of your posts. It not only helps to beautify your blog but also helps in attracting some good traffic. So, try and post the pictures clicked by you rather than copying it from the internet. Learn some photography skills, know the proper camera angle, proper light, good background and some photo props. You can learn all this from online tutorials posted on YouTube or some general blogs on photography.

5. Be a smart investor

Initially spending too much on your blog is of course not a wise decision to make. Please, move slowly where money matters are concerned. Do not spend on expensive cameras, props, blog plan up gradation or any expensive blog applications during startup. In the beginning, just invest more efforts on your writing and content matter.

6. Writer’s block

You were very excited for blogging and was putting all efforts and writing new blog posts every day. Everything was moving smoothly until one day you feel gloomy and low. Your mind doesn’t respond, no great ideas, no interesting thoughts. Well! Welcome to the world of writers. You are stuck in Writer’s Block so, don’t feel bad as it’s totally normal and happens to every writer. To deal with this situation, just take a break for few days to refresh, re channelise your energy and then get back to work.

7. Don’t worry about the followers

In the initial days of blogging it is very important to just concentrate on your writing. It doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 20 or 200 followers. Don’t stress upon the number of followers as it can just put a halt to your progress. Don’t doubt yourself, even if it takes months or years to get a good amount of followers. Believe in your work and keep on working happily.

8. Follow Fellow Bloggers

Once you have followed all the above-mentioned steps, it is very important to follow and read other blogger’s post with common areas of interest, this helps to enrich and widen your scale of knowledge. So, be active on other bloggers pages and share your views and comments with them. It will only make the journey of blogging more easy and effective.

9. Applications

There are many free apps available on your Android and iPhone that improves your blogging skills. So, first of all, it is very important to have a go-to app of your blogging site on your phone. It makes your blog very handy and easily accessible at all times. Next, you must have a good photo editing app that will help to improvise your blog pictures. Also, you can have grammar check apps like Grammarly, that autocorrects your posts for all spelling and grammatical errors. Finally, download some writing and font apps, where you can design and beautify your quotes.

10. Initial publicising

Since we are new to the world of blogging, it is important to publicize your blog to draw more traffic. For this purpose, you can link your blog to all social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest etc. This will help you to attract more readers on your blog.

These are the few simple and most important steps that we figured out by blogging for two months. I hope it would make your journey of blogging more comfortable and enjoyable. Keep writing Keep Shining.

Happy Blogging!


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